Adding Debt Collection Costs

Adding debt collection costs to your debts

Adding fees to your debt means you can get your debt collection for free; you must add the
additional fees before the debt goes to debt collection. By law, we cannot any additional fees
to the debt.
Please make sure your debtor has a signed credit agreement with you with a clause that
outlines they are liable for any additional costs should the account be passed onto a debt
collection agency.

Below is a breakdown of how to add costs to your debt

  Original debt eg:  $100.00
                              +  24.7 %    (percentage to be added)
                             $ 124.70       total to send for collection
Once we have subtracted our commission and GST you will receive the original amount back
and you will not be left out of pocket.
We expect to receive the full amount of the debt from your debtor, in this case, $124.70 once we
subtract our commission fees we will forward you the original amount of the debt.
Please see the below description explanation.
adding debt collection costs

About adding a debt.



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