Property Managers

Property Managers

We know that being a property manager is probably one of the most challenging positions a person can hold and when it comes to collecting money from tenants, your job escalates further.  

However once a tenant has moved out of a property the issues only just begin especially when it come to collecting money from them. 

We are under no illusions when it comes to this type of debt, it is hard to collect and honestly, the success rate depends on the nature of the debt and the person who owes the money.

Therefore it is important that before you spend any more money on chasing money off a tenant be absolutely sure you have all current details of your debtor and that you know they can pay.  Our experience in this area is that not many tenants have the ability to pay back a debt once they have moved out of a property.

Please Note:  We do not collect rental debts for private owners, we collect for Real Estate Companies through their Property Managers.

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