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If you own a franchised business and have more than three outlets we offer a discounted price for each franchise on our Annual Membership program.

Each franchised outlet is set up as an individual client in our system and the debts will each belong to the nominated franchise outlet. The benefits of this are each outlet can have its own address details and information directed at the debtor from exactly where they purchased goods or services from. Also, each franchise is responsible for paying their accounts with BCA Debt, they also have their own login details and cannot see the details of other franchisees.  

The franchisees control their own debt collection processes. Plus when the debtor payment is dispersed they are sent to the individual franchisee's bank accounts.

Purchasing annual memberships is a very cost effective way to get your debt collection done, as it allows you to send as many debts as you want over a twelve month period. To get the best value from debt collection, you are better to send your debts as early as possible, as the longer you leave them the harder it is to get your money back. You pay an Annual Membership and can send unlimited debts to us and pay a commission on what is successfully collected. This commission covers everything from sending letters to telephone calls.

We always request your consent to go ahead with any extra work including tracing people who have moved and making field calls.

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