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  • Debt Collection the un sexy side of business >

    What I love about BCA Debt is that we are here to teach people to be better business owners through all the information and services we provide.  We help with the UN SEXY stuff that most businesses ignore or don't want to deal with until they are in a crisis.

    This is the stuff we love, we welcome you to have a good look around our site and contact us with any questions.



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The Credit Life Cycle

  • Prepare Your Debtors for Collections in Advance

    Any time you provide goods or services to a customer on credit there is an obvious expectation that they are going to pay you back within the agreed terms, but what happens if they don’t? In our experience, most businesses collect about 80-90% of their debts within the agreed period. Of the remainder, 60-80% are collected within what we call Read More
  • Keeping a Cap on Debtors to Limit Your Risk

    When a client increases their business with you, that can usually be seen as a good thing. And usually it is, but if you are supplying goods or services on credit, extra caution is needed. As part of your credit approval process it’s important to have criteria that determines just how much credit your business is willing to supply and Read More
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    Call us now and talk to a credit management consultant who can help you make the correct decision for your

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  • Debtors System Audit >

    If you are not sure what you need why not take a few minutes and fill out the client debtor

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  • Professional and Inspiring >

    Fairly random email but just want to thank you ladies for your help and assistance. The way you both are Read More
  • Maree is Brilliant >

    Hi Ashleigh, Everything is going well.  Maree is brilliant. I admire her patience with some of our special clients!   Read More
  • It's a great system >

    I log into BCA regularly - its a great system. Happy with your service.  Sue  Barley Southall Orthodontics Read More
  • We will definitely renew our subscription >

    We will definitely be renewing our subscription with the agency, very happy with the service being provided at this stage. Read More
  • Superb Service >

    I must compliment your company on your professionalism, your services are superb.  Elspeth  Western Australian Plastic Surgery Centre Read More
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