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We have helped thousands of businesses recoup money that belongs to them!...

  1. We are genuinely here to help business with their debt collection.
  2. You can send us debt of any size, which many debt collectors won’t do (many won’t accept debts under $1000)
  3. You can have a membership option which allows you to send us as many debts as you like over a 12 month period
  4. We also have a pay as you go fee for one off debts.
  5. You pay no hidden fees – many companies will charge for individual letters we simply charge an admin fee and then a success fee upon collection – we treat each debt on its own merits
  6. We have a personal team approach to collecting your debts
  7. We give you 24 hour secure access to the status of your debt via our website


Its your Money so get it paid NOW! call us on 1300 136 917


No hidden fees, our charges are upfront and honest

Our expert debt collectors are process driven negotiators, they love their work and find it extremely rewarding helping their clients.

They specialise in helping:
  1. All manor of businesses recoup money owned to them
  2. Strata companies collect fees from body corporate owners
  3. Medical companies collect debts from patients
  4. Schools Colleges and Daycare centres collect from parents and students.
  5. We also help wholesales and retail companies collect large debts.

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  • My team are dedicated and ready to help you now >

    What I love about BCA Debt is that we are here to teach people to be better business owners through all the information and services we provide.  We help with the UN SEXY stuff that most businesses ignore or don't want to deal with until they are in a crisis.

    This is the stuff we love, we welcome you to have a good look around our site and contact us with any questions.



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  • Big Thank You >

    Hi just want to say a big thank you to your team for clearing up a debt that had frustrated Read More
  • Quick Result >

    I had 2 debts that had been on my books for 18 months, once I handed them to BCA Debt Read More
  • Professional and Inspiring >

    Fairly random email but just want to thank you ladies for your help and assistance. The way you both are Read More
  • It's a great system >

    I log into BCA regularly - its a great system. Happy with your service.  Sue  Barley Southall Orthodontics Read More
  • We will definitely renew our subscription >

    We will definitely be renewing our subscription with the agency, very happy with the service being provided at this stage. Read More
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