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BCA Debt offers our services to collect upon local council debtors ledger.

WALGA supplier Our service includes the full debt collection process including the court proceedings through to enforcement, our business has a proven track record within the debt collection industry and we propose the following to WALGA members.

The Debt Collection

Our collection process is rigorous, the process starts with phones calls and emails. This gives a true indication of the debtor's attitude towards the debt. The role of BCA Debt will be to enforce the payment from debtors and in supporting those people struggling to keep up with payments by entering payment arrangements and keeping a line of communication with them.

Our experience tells us the majority of people want to do the right thing and get their debts paid, by supporting those who struggle with the day to day management of bill paying we can help reduce debt levels. Increasing the line of communication with debtors can greatly reduce the number of customers having court processes served upon them.

default notice debt collectionEnforcement

We have collaborated with Fort Knox Legal to complete the whole debt collection process. Fort knox Legal has a vast amount of experience in enforcement and their aim is to seek judgement against the debtor and then proceed to enforce payment. If a Debtor is refusing to pay or becoming difficult to recover funds from and the process of collection has been exhausted then the only means left is court action. Once court action is commenced, it will impact on the person being sued’s credit rating as the information becomes public, and will appear on the records of Equifax where most financial institutions refer to when seeking a credit reference for loan applications.

The Goal

Is to get the money paid as quickly as possible, via the least resources expended. The traditional debt collection process can be a fantastic way to get the money paid quickly. We understand that the nature of some of the customers are low income but that doesn’t mean they do not want to pay their debts, we deal with low-income earners all the time and from this experience, we know they want to be given a chance to pay down their debts and have someone they can talk too. ​Communication is the key to success.

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