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We have helped thousands of large and small business recoup money that belongs to them through our Debt Collection Agency.

When you're sick of constantly following up and not getting anywhere, call us. We'll take over and see it through to the end. 1300 136 917

Use our motivated team of debt collectors to collect your debts. We help small business and large business with debt collection throughout Australia.

The quicker you get onto your debtors the better chance you have of collecting the full amount of the debt.

  1. You can send us debts of any size (many debt collectors won’t accept debts under $1000).
  2. You can have a membership option which allows you to send us as many debts as you like over a 12 month period.
  3. We also have a Pay-as-you-Go fee for one-off debts.
  4. You pay no hidden fees. Many companies will charge for individual letters; we simply charge an admin fee and then a success fee upon collection – and we treat each debt on its own merits.
  5. We have a personal team approach to collecting your debts.
  6. We give you 24-hour secure access to the status of your debt via our website.
Debt Collectors
Using our proven Six Step Debt Collection Process our team of collectors are dedciated and motivated to help you collect your debts.

National collections in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra, Adelaide and Hobart.

Regional collections in Bunbury, Mandurah, Busselton, Collie, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Augusta, Albany, Northam, Geraldton and Kalgoorlie.  

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Are you struggling with too much debt?

Nichola Caddy bca debt

Did you know the average business generating one million dollars in sales per year could be losing up to one hundred thousand dollars or more because people are paying late, or not at all, that is 10% of the revenue which could be profit?

Many businesses do not know where to start or do not realise how much of a problem they have, turnover doesn't necessarily equate to profit, improving your cash flow can make a vast difference to your bottom line.
Do you struggle to get to get clients to pay on time? Are you losing money because people with whom you have done business have not paid for your service?
Do you have a system in place to recover the money owed to you? If not, we can help. 
  • Big Changes to Credit Reporting

    It's just unbelievable how much the debt collection industry has changed and now there are more changes about to happen in the Credit Providers arena.

    As of the 14 March 2014 new laws will come in that will change the

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  • We Customise Your Terms and Conditions Based on Your Business Needs

    If you supply a trade or service on credit, such as 7, 14 or 30-day payment terms, you need an effective contract to protect yourself from disputes and people who don't pay or pay late.

    In the many years of

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  • 13 Harmonising Privacy Principles

    I am not sure if many businesses realise there have been changes to the privacy laws and these changes affect everyone in business who collects information from their customers.

    The privacy act now includes 13 new harmonising Privacy Principles, known

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  • What is a Statute Barred Debt

    What is a Statute Barred Debt?

    These are debts that have to reach the statutory limitation period.  This means that the debt has reached an age where it is no longer legal to pursue. 

    Each state of Australia has a

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