nichola and ralph

My name is Nichola Caddy, this is me and my Dad...

Dad raced sidecars at Claremont Speedway in the fifties and in the late sixties he moved to road racing, he raced up until he passed away in at the age of 79, at that time I was his passenger. Experiencing a sport such as a sidecar racing with my father was amazing, we had to completely trust each other.

You are probably wondering why I am telling you this?

I was encouraged by my business mentor Roger Hamilton to share my passion for racing with my clients and to link what I learned from my father both from racing and as a businessman, back to my acumen as a businesswoman. Dad was a serial entrepreneur. On his death certificate, we put entrepreneur as his profession. When we were kids, we would go to church on Sunday and after we would sit around the kitchen table for hours talking about business. 


Our Team of Dedicated Debt Collectors

Natasha Prout

Natasha has years of experience working in accounts receivable, she is a master negotiator and loves the chase of debt collection.

She has worked alongside many small businesses and understands the support they need. Natasha's diligence and care for her clients make her a valuable part of our team.

She is genuine in her dealings with the people she comes into contact with.


Jackie Vegvary

Jackie is the office allrounder, she can put her hand to any task asked of her, she is a natural born debt collector and loves the excitement and drama that comes with the role.

Jackie manages a variety of clients with specific needs which she is able to quickly customise solutions. Her expertise lies in the finance industry and collecting large debts for corporate clients.

She has years of experience in the industry and dedicates time to keep up with current trends. Her enthusiasm for her role is exceptional.


Tracy Loftus

Tracy doesn't miss anything and I am sure she was born with eyes in the back of her head. She is methodical and persistent in the way she manages her clients and debtors. 

She has a vast amount of experience working as a debt collector for government agencies and large corporations. Tracy has extraordinary negotiation skills and can get through a vast amount of work each day.

Tracy is our leader and keeps us functioning as a high performing team.


Nichola Caddy

My area of expertise comes from over 30 years of being in business and the last 13 years running BCA Debt, in my time at BCA Debt I have seen many mistakes businesses make.

When I talked to my debt collection clients the one thing the majority of them are missing is custom Terms and Conditions,  this is one factor that can help prevent disputes and non-payment.

We are constantly being asked if we could help with this and with putting a system in place to get people to pay on time.


Abby Brown



Lindsey - Field Agent

Has been The Repo Man for 13 years, spends most of his life in his car driving from place to place talking to people who are in financial difficulty.  He is very patient with his customers, but if they don't take his excellent advice he looses that patience.  If you listen to his advice you won't go wrong.  

Jaspar - Personal Assistant

Jaspar started working as a temp for one month, then decided to stay, he is Lindsey and Ron's PA. His job is to keep the field agents organised.  More than likely if you have called the office you would have spoken to him, he's not one for a lot of words and prefers to be left alone to get on with his job.  He is excellent at multi-tasking.

Ron - Field Agent

Ron Recently retired from the police force after 41 years of excellent service, he is now a Repo Man and spends most of his time in the car visiting customers to help them sort out their financial issues with the finance company.

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